The Calming Water

It was my tenth birthday at the water park.It’s not just an ordinary water park it was an indoor water park.The long slides are awesome and the waves,but my favorite part is the lazy river.
The lazy river is my favorite because, it is calm and relaxing and I kind of fell asleep in it once.But one time I was in a hurry so much that I split and head my head on the side, even though my Dad told me not to run on the wet sidewalk.
If you have never been on one I’ll tell you,well first,you get on a big tube.Second,get on it and lay down.And last let the water take you around and around.It goes in an oval like shape.In the lazy river the water is calm.
So that is my tenth birthday but I learned a lesson is that you need to listen to your Guardian because I fell and hit my head on the side,but other than that,that day was a terrific day.


Melody can’t move.

               Can’t walk.

                   Can’t talk.


                         Smart as einstein


                                     At learning.





                      Has courage.

                 Never gives up.

                Has lots of.

Potential,talented.Melody can.Do it All.

Holocaust Lessons

 Lessons that I learned


one of the lessons is to follow your dreams and don’t let people bring you down because if you do then you lose faith in your dreams.


And number Two the second lesson is don’t judge a book by it’s cover what that means is if you look super cool but they don’t they could be pretty cool so yep don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Number of stars

Dear Diary

Hi my name is Annemarie and I’m going to tell you how I feel about the Nazi’s soldiers . They have been taking people that are Jews. I don’t know why they are doing this, but the bad thing is that Ellen is a Jew.So they are trying to get all of the Jews and take them to the geatos.And I don’t know what they do there all I know is that place is not good, but my family is trying to hide Ellen from the Nazis. But I think there is something else going on.I just hope the Nazi’s will just leave Denmark so we can have pink frosted cupcakes again. Till tomorrow good day.





At my Dad’s on

Christmas he tricked me

He got me some clothes and socks

and my dad walks up to the stairs

look Alex and there it was

A PS4!!!!